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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Apr 20, 2010 7:51am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Music and The Age of Information - where are we headed?

As usual , with any big change , there are ups and downs . Having so much music available, so easily, sometimes leads to a devaluation of music . I have to work at not just running through all the shows I have stacked up ! And multitasking, leads to a lessening of the musical experience . It was inevitable that music would end up as online data, but I sometimes feel that the way it has , was unfortunate . The record companies , failed big time to adapt, and the adaptation of mp3 as a "standard" sent us backwards a big step in the richness of music ( go ask Neil Young ).
One of the problem, of the "new paradigm" , is that the artists who can make a decent living playing live, sold a lot of records ! And it is not like there are plenty of outlets to play live, for newer artists . The problem with the net , is exposure ,; how to get people to hear you . Could go on and on .
We, in the "Dead community", are extremely lucky ! It is not perfect , I would like more download options for SBDs, but the compromise that is, allows for almost unlimited access to AUD in lossless , and the official releases , are generally of high quality . And if one goes to the trouble , you can torrent the complete shows etc.
As for the sound quality issue, the Dead, and the "taper" oriented Deadheads have always pushed the "envelope". Think about this, not only can we get the cds in hight quality remasters ( often HDCD), and Flac files for AUDs, but we see more 24 bit shows here . ( I wonder if they will issue official 24 bit stuff?).
My non Deadhead music buff friends, look to what we have with envy, both for the quantity, and quality of what is available to us . They would LOVE to have a site where you could click on almost every show in their artists history, and hear it or download it ; and, again, in lossless . Even for Classical, the standard is mp3 .
Even with it's warts, in think the Dead's approach has been pretty good in dealing with the "new world ", that is the music biz of today .